Year in Review, Future Plans and UMI Logo on the Burj Khalifa

To celebrate UMI’s anniversary, we’ve prepared a detailed review of the year and future plans. We have grand goals and we don’t plan to stop at any stage in our development! 🏆

🔥 To honor our anniversary, the Burj Khalifa — the world’s tallest skyscraper — was colored in UMI colors and presented a spectacular show. It looks legendary. The entire world is about to know UMI! 🤩

Lose no time and visit our new presentation landing page where you’ll find: 

✅ List of our most important achievements of the year. 

✅ Our plans for the future. 

✅ Latest awesome video about UMI.

✅ Video of the show on the Burj Khalifa that was colored in UMI colors! 

👉 Link to the landing page: