What will tournaments be like in UMI Jack?

Dear friends, we work on improving UMI Jack every day. Today, we’d like to share some details about the weekly tournaments among players, to be added in one of the future updates. 👇

🗓 According to the plan, tournaments will be held each Friday (isn’t the end of the working week the best timing?! 🙃). 

💸 To take part in the tournament, you will need to make a certain contribution in UMI. 

👀 Tournament addresses will be displayed to everyone — so you will be able to see the prize pool of each tournament.

🔥 Part of the prize pool will be burned for a positive impact on the UMI tokenomics. 

💰 The remaining coins will be transferred to the tournament winner’s address.

The tournament itself will be based on the Olympic system (knockout game): the loser is immediately eliminated and the winner of the match-up plays in the next round against the winner of another match-up. The tournament lasts until only one winner remains. They scoop the entire pool. 🤑

We know you want to play right now and hit the jackpot. We’re also looking forward to the day when we can launch this new functionality. The actual release of the tournaments is expected in mid-summer — but a few more nice surprises will be there for you even before that. 🙌

We carry on. Love, UMI Team!💚