UMI turned one!

Dear friends, we can’t believe how fast time has flown. It’s been a year since we launched the UMI blockchain. On June 1, 2020, the network was launched. It was the day when the first master nodes confirmed their first transactions and started controlling the rules to be complied with, thus supporting the UMI blockchain. Over one year, our cryptocurrency has grown to an enormous scale.

🏅The total number of UMI coins reached 180 mln, with 155 mln in staking smart contract. 

🏅Users created over 320,000 addresses; 250,000 addresses were created in staking structures. Just a month ago, these numbers were 220,000 and 175,000, respectively. Over one month, the number of wallets increased by more than 30%. It’s amazing! 

🏅The overall number of transactions run in the UMI network totals 8.5 mln. This number was just 6 million a month ago. In other words, in May, the UMI community made 2.5 million transactions. People use UMI  for both large and small transactions running around the world. 

🏅UMI blockchain now has over 3,000,000 blocks. 

🏅The UMI price is over $2. The cryptocurrency price more than doubled during this year. As a reminder, the initial UMI price was $1. At the same time, UMI’s capitalization exceeds $400 million. 

🏅Despite the bitcoin price drop, UMI’s liquidity (a total amount of buy offers) equals $14 million, against $350,000 as a total amount of sell offers. 

🏅UMI trading volume reaches $3-5 mln per day. 

Even though the UMI cryptocurrency is swiftly growing, we’re striving to accomplish even more. We are continuously developing the UMI community, making UMI more convenient, more advanced, higher-performing, more efficient and eco-friendly, and less energy-consuming. 

🔥 On the occasion of UMI’s birthday,  our official website and all the documentation — Whitepaper, Yellowpaper, Onepager, brand book, and presentation – have been completely redesigned: 

📌 Site:

📌 Wallet:

📌 Blockchain:

📌 Whitepaper:  

📌 Yellow paper: 

📌 Brand book: 

📌 Onepager: 

📌 Presentation: 

There’s more. Soon you will read a lot of exciting news and articles about the results of the year, new achievements, and plans for the future.

And right now, we’re celebrating UMI’s anniversary in Dubai’s best Luxury class venue — the world’s tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa. A closed VIP party was arranged in the Armani elite club and gathered top-level leaders of the crypto industry and the most demanded developers and celebrities. 

Today we will please you with other fantastic news. Meantime, join us in celebration of UMI’s anniversary. 🥳

Lots of love, UMI Team! 💝