UMI Team’s strategic session: a new stage of development

Dear friends, we have had a powerful strategic session! 💪 We discussed development of the coin and strengthening of the team, future prospects of the crypto market and the niche we will occupy in it. We will briefly tell you about this now. 

At the strategic session, we raised questions regarding further actions, made plans and appointed those responsible for each task. We defined development milestones which you will soon see on the new roadmap at  

❓ What happens next 

✅ The most important thing we want to convey is that our work on UMI does not stop for a single day. We have a lot of plans for further improvement and popularization of our cryptocurrency. Nothing can interfere with this — neither price decline nor technical difficulties, nothing. We are not going to “scam”, and any nonsense you could see in chats is a fake. During the first year, we proved that our intentions were more than serious: leading crypto media wrote about UMI, the Burj Khalifa wore UMI colors to honor its birthday, we were sponsors at the biggest blockchain conferences. We do not intend to give up. There are new peaks ahead, and we will reach them together. 

✅ We noticed that we give you too little information about what the team’s activities, and, in the context of falling UMI prices, this information vacuum leads to negative moods among users. This is we have decided to be more open with you — to actively answer your questions and share not only news, but also thoughts, plans, best practices and even failures, if any. From now on, we will publish a brief report with our thoughts every week on Tuesday or Wednesday. 

✨ Here’s our first insight regarding the new stage of development: we are currently working on a major and very important update — a new node that can operate in “turbo” mode and will allow us to scale up and launch a lot of new UMI-based products: various DeFi protocols, tokens, stablecoins, new smart contracts, coin burning mechanism and much more. We will tell you more about the new node in the following posts. Its development is nearing completion — with release coming soon.

To reiterate, our development does not stop, and we have successfully found a solution to all current problems. All that is left to do is putting our plans into action. We will make sure it’s done! 💪

So follow the news and the new round of UMI development 💪