UMI Social Listing on BTC-Alpha

Friends, many of you have heard that UMI cryptocurrency has been added to the social listing on BTC-Alpha exchange.

What does it mean

Social listing does not mean trading has started, it just opens voting for the coin to be added to BTC-Alpha. If UMI wins a certain number of votes, it will be added to the exchange for actual trading.

☝️ We would like to stress that we have not taken any measures to add UMI to the social listing on BTC-Alpha. It was exclusively an initiative of the exchange with no approval or agreement on our part — due to the high level of user interest in the coin.

UMI is a popular international cryptocurrency which is why many exchanges wish to add it for trading. However, we always say no because we have a partnership agreement with, and our position regarding new listings remains unchanged so far. 

However, it’s important to understand that UMI is a decentralized cryptocurrency with an open source code. This is why, technically, any exchange can add it for trading with no approval from our team. These are the rules of the decentralized world. This is why if the coin wins the required number of votes, it will be added to BTC-Alpha.

Sincerely, UMI Team!