UMI Jack update: improved interface and optimized back-end!

Dear friends, we are continuing to work on UMI Jack, making the game even better! 💪

We have now introduced a new set of gameplay optimizations, improving your interaction with the first UMI-based blockchain game. More specifically, we have:

✅ Refined the interface of UMI Jack to make the game run smoother.

✅ By popular demand, added a horizontal gaming table, allowing for comfortable gameplay on phones in landscape mode.

✅ Changed the distance in the bottom part of the layout.

✅ Updated and tweaked some of the in-game text content.

✅ Optimized the back-end to prevent incorrect handling of in-game events.

👉 Be sure to visit the renewed UMI Jack and enjoy the improved gameplay —

Waiting for your feedback! What do you think about the new version? Is everything to your liking? 🙂

Also, if you encounter any bugs or notice anything that needs further improvement, don’t hesitate to comment or use the special form for ideas, problems and suggestions on the DeFi platform site.

Your UMI team! 💚