UMI Jack: maximum transparency and improved gameplay. Prepping a new update

Our priorities are maximum openness and high user security. It was these principles that guided us in the development of UMI Jack. To make the gameplay as transparent, open and secure against hacking as possible, we have done the following:

✅ We rejected the use of game bots from the very beginning. All players in UMI Jack are real people with their own style of play. By improving your skills and studying the behavior of other players, you have every chance to become the best. 

✅ We have created a transparent cards generation algorithm based on the UMI blockchain and using the transaction hash. Your opponent’s card cannot be predicted in any way because each new card is generated based on the transaction sent to the UMI blockchain. After the game is over, the history of the game recorded in the UMI blockchain allows you to easily check who got which cards.

Obviously, users like this approach: over two months, you have played UMI Jack more than 400,000 times. In our turn, we have analyzed the cards generation statistics and once again could prove the integrity of the algorithm — none of the 36 cards is generated more or less often than the other cards. 

👀 However, we do not intend to stop and continue to actively develop UMI Jack, making the game even more transparent. In the near future, we will add the capability to review the card generation algorithm based on the transaction hash. A special button will be available allowing you to see the script and the entire compiler in the game. Thanks to this functionality, you will be able to make sure that the game used the generated card based on the transaction in the blockchain. 

Our team has also processed about 100 requests you sent to the support channels and made note of some improvements you would like to see and some bugs we need to fix. Based on this information, we are actively working on the following changes:

⚡️ We’re redesigning the game readiness algorithm. After the game is created, we will redirect the user to the game list menu. Two buttons will be available: Return to the Game and Cancel. As soon as another player joins the game, a modal window will open with the Ready to Play button. 

⚡️ We’re improving the Play Again functionality. If the opponent cancels a new game, it will be canceled for the game creator too — and they will be redirected to the Games List. 

⚡️ We’re fixing the incorrect balance display bug.

⚡️ We’re correcting information display on the leaderboard (currently, some data is not always displayed after the end of the game). 

In the near future, we will announce the release of a new version of UMI Jack with all these improvements. We sincerely thank everyone who has offered various ideas for the development of UMI Jack and found bugs in the game. 

Together we are making UMI Jack and the entire UMI OneApp ecosystem a lot better!

Love, UMI Team! 💚