UMI cryptocurrency is 8 months old!

Friends, today the UMI cryptocurrency is exactly 8 months old. Contrary to all skeptics and pessimists, our innovative coin shows simply colossal results. Let’s summarize the latest summary for today. ⚡️

✅ More than 97,000 UMI-addresses and more than 76,000 addresses in staking structures are already registered in the UMI network. That is, over 17,000 addresses have been added over the month for each of these two positions. The total number of addresses at the moment is over 173,000.

✅ In total, almost 3,000,000 transactions and over 1,270,000 blocks were created on the network. The network is developing at a rapid pace, despite its youth.

✅ The liquidity of UMI continues to grow, and therefore – the cryptocurrency is becoming more solid. Now the order book for buying UMI on is over $ 12,500,000, which is 1.5 times (!) More than the amount that was fixed a month ago. And this is not even paying attention to the recent decline in the bitcoin rate. At the same time, the total amount of offers to buy a coin on the p2p platform is about $ 1,200,000. Accordingly, the total liquidity of UMI has already exceeded $ 13,700,000! Recall that you can independently track the liquidity of the coin at the link

✅ The total trading volume for 24 hours on the exchange and p2p platform, as in the previous month, continues to confidently hold in the region of $ 400,000- $ 500,000. The demand for the coin remains stably high even after the final distribution of the initial issue. You can track the trading volume yourself by following the link

✅ The total number of existing UMI coins is over 51,000,000, of which more than 46,500,000 are staked. Thus, over 91% of all coins are staked, while only less than 9% are in free circulation.

✅ And finally, note that after the distribution of the initial emission, the UMI rate, as expected, began to grow and rose above $ 1. Today the coin is trading in the region of $ 1.10- $ 1.20, and a liquidity wall of more than 360 BTC successfully protects the rate from falling below $ 0.95. 🙌

UMI cryptocurrency continues to develop steadily, delighting with amazing results. Our coin continues to gain well-deserved popularity around the world due to its unsurpassed capabilities and the huge benefits it brings to people. 🌏

Once again, we congratulate all users on these wonderful achievements and thank you for your active participation in the development of UMI. It is you who are the pillar that powerfully supports our cryptocurrency and leads it step by step to tremendous success! ⚡️

Yours sincerely, UMI team! 🤝