UMI Cryptocurrency Celebrating 5-Month Anniversary!

Dear friends! Today, UMI cryptocurrency is celebrating another anniversary — 5 months! ?

It could seem as a very short period for a cryptocurrency, but it’s not — for UMI. Our “baby prodigy” continues to surprise all those around by its important achievements:

✅ Today, the network has registered over 57,000 UMI addresses and, additionally, over 42,000 addresses in staking structures. Overall, the total number of UMI addresses in the network has come close to 100,000!

✅ In total, we’ve completed over 690,000 transactions and formed over 400,000 blocks. It takes most emerging crypto projects years to reach these numbers — we’ve done this over just five months! 

✅ Our daily trading volume on all platforms ( and Crypto-By-Card) hover around $100,000 to $200,000 or 8–16 mln rubles. Thus, these numbers have almost doubled compared to the last month results meaning that demand for UMI continues to grow rapidly. You can track trading volume here: 

✅ UMI liquidity is also growing at an unbelievable rate. The price support order book on now has over $ 1,500,000 which is 2.5 times more (!!!) than a month ago. Coupled with the p2p platform that has UMI buy offers worth of over $ 300,000, the overall price support amounts to some $ 2,000,000. You can track UMI liquidity here: 

✅ The total number of UMI coins in existence is 22,700,000, with over 11,500,000 UMI in staking and over 10,000,000 UMI on the genesis address. 

As you can see, UMI cryptocurrency is growing in leaps and bounds. We’re truly happy and aren’t going to stop — not for a second. We have some far-reaching and ambitious plans we intend to turn into reality. Read about this on our blog:

We’re absolutely sure that UMI has a bright future, just around the corner. We’ll soon see some new records and achievements. Once again, congratulations to all our users on this festive day. You’re the best! ?

Your always, UMI Team! ?