UMI Buy Wall Placed at 365 BTC: What It Is and Where to View It

Many crypto users are afraid of the high volatility that is characteristic of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency price can both surge and drop which, at the very least, raises unpleasant emotions in its holders. We’d like to emphasize that this applies to all cryptocurrencies, not just UMI. 

To solve this problem, we set up a wall of orders to buy UMI at a price of $ 0.95 in the amount of 365 BTC (about $15 million at the current bitcoin price of about $40,000). 

If you are wondering “where can I view this wall?”, look for the answer below.

What is a “buy wall”? 

First you need to understand what an order book is. 

Order book is a stock trading term which means a set of orders to buy or sell cryptocurrency. For example, if we go to exchange —, below the graph we will see a list of offers to buy or sell UMI at a certain price:

The area where all buy and sell orders are displayed is called the order book. 

Wall is also a stock trading term. It is used to indicate a particularly large offer to buy or sell an asset from the order book. In our case, this is the offer to buy UMI worth of 365 BTC. 

Where can you view the UMI buy wall?

The UMI buy wall amounting to 365 BTC was created at cryptocurrency exchange. You can view it in the order book.👇 

✅ Go to the exchange website —

✅ Scroll down the order book.

This is the wall:

You can also look at the total cost of all buy offers because, apart from this large order, there are other orders created by users. You can see the total cost of all buy and sell offers just above the order book:

Keep in mind, however, that in this case it’s only cryptocurrency exchange. In addition to the exchange, also has a P2P platform where there is another wall created by our partners – leaders of the ROY Club.

You can view the total amount of all buy and sell offers on the UMI website in the Liquidity menu —

This is where it is best to view the cost of all buy and sell offers because:

📌 Here, liquidity data is pooled from three platforms: exchange and P2P platform as well as Crypto-by-Card platform;

📌 All amounts are displayed in dollars.

How does the wall protect UMI price from falling?

UMI buy wall ensures that even if an individual or a group holding a very large amount of coins wants to sell them instantly, they will be able to do so using the large buy offer, and the price will not fall below this value. 

As you can see for yourself, the order offers to buy over 15 million UMI at a price of $0.95. Today, there is no single address that would hold such a large amount. You can see this for yourself by reviewing address monitoring data in the UMI blockchain —

Moreover, even if all of the TOP 50 addresses with the LARGEST UMI balances want to SIMULTANEOUSLY sell ALL cryptocurrency on, they won’t be able to bring the price below $0.95. 

Anyone can use the wall to sell any amount in UMI coins at a price of $0.95. 
At the same time, we’d like to emphasize that UMI has been and remains a highly liquid and popular coin with a trading turnover of about $3-5 million per day