The number of UMI has reached 100 000 000 coins

A little more than 10 months ago, a new unique product appeared in the crypto industry – the UMI cryptocurrency. As part of this cryptocurrency, our team has implemented many unique solutions that have become in demand among users around the world. This marked the beginning of a new, powerful and rapidly growing crypto community.

Initially, 18 million UMI coins were created, which were eventually fully distributed to users. All subsequent UMI coins are already created by our crypto community. And today, just over 10 months after launch, we are pleased to announce an important achievement.

🔥 The number of UMI has exceeded 100,000,000 coins –

All UMI coins are created exclusively by staking. This type of emission is programmed at the level of a smart contract – this is the only way to create new coins.

✅ An interesting fact: of the 100,000,000 UMI created to date, almost 90% of the coins (about 90,000,000) are staked. The rest of the cryptocurrency is in free circulation and is used for transactions, trading, and more.

✅ The daily trading volume of UMI cryptocurrency is growing steadily. Today it hovers around $ 1.8 million In other words, every day UMI owners buy and sell cryptocurrency totaling $ 1.8 million. Such indicators are an unattainable dream for most crypto projects, and you and I were able to achieve this in less than a year.

✅ Due to the high demand for the coin and the growth of the bitcoin rate, the wall for buying UMI for BTC on does not fall, but on the contrary – continues to strengthen. Today there are already more than $ 21.5 million.

✅ High demand has a positive effect on the UMI rate, which now averages $ 1.88 per coin. The price of a cryptocurrency depends entirely on its users and can fluctuate in one direction or another. However, as we have seen recently, it is mainly growing, which once again proves the fact of increased demand for technologies that are implemented in UMI.

✅ High demand is confirmed by other parameters that anyone can track at any time – Thus, the total number of transactions in the UMI network is already about 5,000,000, and the number of created blocks is more than 2,000,000. About a month ago, the number of transactions was only 4,000,000. In other words, within a month, users made about 1,000,000 transfers within the network UMI.

✅ The number of addresses in the UMI network is already approaching 300,000: 165,000 UMI addresses and about 130,000 in staking structures. A month ago there were only 220,000 addresses – 120,000 and 100,000, respectively.

What do we see in the bottom line? The UMI cryptocurrency is developing at a rapid pace, and the demand for it is increasing every day. This is confirmed:

• An increase in the number of transfers;
• The growth of new addresses;
• Growth of liquidity;
• Growth rate.

Demand is growing as UMI is a cryptocurrency that offers unique solutions. That is why more and more people from different countries of the world learn about the coin, start using it and get numerous benefits in return:

• Ability to carry out transactions for free and instantly;
• The ability to safely multiply your coins up to 40% per month by staking on a smart contract;
• The opportunity to become a part of a promising crypto project, which, among other things, is able to enter the DeFi, DAO, DEX markets and set new quality standards in the cryptocurrency industry, and possibly even change the world.

Despite the impressive results, we are only at the beginning of the road and are not going to stop there. A great future awaits us! 🙌

Best regards, UMI team!