Successful translation to Indonesian language!

Friends, we are glad to announce that we have translated the entire UMI infrastructure into Indonesian language. ?

?? Now available in Indonesian ?

✅ The whole UMI website, including the wallet and blockchain;

✅ Whitepaper and all other documentation;

✅ Our social media;

✅ UMI mobile app.  

Moreover, our partners — ROY Club and the trading platform, have also fully translated their resources to Indonesian. Their websites have already been translated, but on top of that they have also localized all the infrastructure. From now on, Indonesian also available in:

⭐ mobile app;

⭐ ROY Assistant;

⭐ ROY School for Beginners.

Full Indonesian translation is a new stage in the development of UMI, ROY Club and Together with our partners we have already started to directly enter the Indonesian market, which will be the beginning of the swift expansion of UMI around the world! ?

?? From now on, all members of our community from Indonesia will be able to enjoy all the features of UMI, ROY Club and as comfortably as possible. Meanwhile, the leaders of the ROY Club and other UMI members will be able to easily attract new partners from Indonesia: building up the power of their communities, getting awesome bonuses and actively spreading the idea of our cryptocurrency to the public. Don’t hesitate and get started right now. We count on you and believe in you! ?

With respect, the UMI team!

P.S. Also note that the UMI translation on Indonesian language was included in our official goals and we have successfully implemented it. The same will happen with all our other goals! ?