Official: UMI node-validator is released!

Dear users, the long-awaited release of UMI validator-node has been made, so you can easily maintain your network right on your PC or laptop!! 👨💻

Three key points to know:

✅ Validator-node supports UMI network by checking all transactions and blocks for consistency, eliminating the possibility of tampering.

✅ Node automatically downloads the blockchain and supports the network by default. In other words, all you need to do is install and run the validator-node.

✅ By running the validator-node, you automatically increase the security, stability and reliability of the UMI network.

We have released the corresponding software for the three most popular operating systems at once, to give you the maximum capabilities! ✌️

🔥 Download UMI validator-node:

📍 For MacOS:

📍 For Windows:

📍 For Linux:

⚡️ Instructions to start a validator-node:

From this day forward, the validator-node can easily be run by any user, thereby further enhancing network security.

Sincerely yours, UMI team! 🤝