Mini-report on the development of UMI OneApp in April-May. Plans for the future

Dear friends, we would like to share with you a mini-report on what we have recently done to develop UMI OneApp. We will also tell you about our current projects to be integrated in the near future.

So, what this is what we have been doing lately:

✅ We presented a new design of the game table in the UMI Jack game;

✅ We added a form for ideas, issues and suggestions on the UMI OneApp website;

✅ We added GLZ support in UMI Jack;

✅ We added cross-chain exchanges and finalized related documentation;

✅ We designed the tournament service and worked out the rules;

✅ We adapted UMI Jack for future tournament integration;

✅ We added a huge number of new tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain networks (MKR, SNX and SHIB and others) and BNB Smart Chain (1INCH, GMT and DOGE and others) to UMI OneApp.

✅ We systematized and added all relevant information on UMI OneApp to the Integrated Help Desk, dividing the materials into user and technical documentation. 

In the course of this work, we had some difficulties which slightly delayed the launch of the services. We were forced to abandon the initial tournament architecture in order to make the functionality more load-resistant and create a universal solution for managing tournaments in various games on the UMI OneApp platform. We also encountered some difficulties in implementing cross-chain exchanges which is why we performed additional research. 

Now we are:

⚡️Working on adding another game to UMI OneApp — we will present it to you in the near future.

⚡️Finalizing analytics on p2p exchanges and moving on to designing functionality. 

⚡️Working on the logic for the tournament admin panel and prepping to launch the long-awaited service. 

⚡️Working on adding a plugin for the UMI Wallet browser wallet to the Firefox browser extension store by analogy with the Chrome browser. 

We also continue to work on improving other UMI OneApp features, including integration of the GLIZE NFT marketplace into the platform. New releases coming soon! 💪

Love always, your UMI Team!💚