How to add UMI to CoinMarketCap watchlist

Dear friends, over 5,000 people have already added the UMI cryptocurrency to their CoinMarketCap watchlist.

UMI on CoinMarketCap

Although this result is not bad, we should keep in mind that our community is far bigger. This is why we urge each of you to add UMI to your watchlist. This will help the coin gain popularity and show the crypto world how awesome, loyal, and big UMI’s audience is.

Step-by-step guide: how to add UMI to a watchlist👇

1. Sign up

First, create an account on CoinMarketCap. Navigate to the website Click the Sign up button:

Enter your email address and password. Then click Create an account:

Then you will receive a registration confirmation email. Follow the link in the email.

Done. The registration is completed.

2. Add UMI to the watchlist

Go to the UMI page on CoinMarketCap Click on the star symbol to the right of UMI’s name:

If you do it right, the star symbol will change its color to yellow.

That’s it. In a while, the counter will be updated, and your subscription will be counted in the overall rating.

Let’s increase the number of UMI subscribers severalfold. We can easily do it!🔥

We have trust in you 🙌

Sincerely yours, UMI team💚