First UMI OneApp release — coming in December!

Dear friends, immediately after the voting ended, we set down to actively develop UMI OneApp. Over a short period of time, we’ve done a huge amount of work to develop a multitude of products that will be available to the users of our DeFi-platform. We’re happy to report that the first release of the ecosystem will be available in about a month — in December.

🔥 UMI OneApp beta version will include the following products:

⚡️ U-Wallet multi-currency wallet. At the first stage, it will support the UMI, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain blockchains. This means that all UMI OneApp users will be able to work with any assets — both coins and tokens — from the above listed blockchains. The support for other networks will be implemented later.

⚡️U-DEX decentralized exchange. In the beta version users will be able to make a quick exchange of their assets from the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks. It will also allow users to provide liquidity and farming (will work via PancakeSwap and Uniswap decentralized exchanges).

⚡️U-Aggregate is the first beta version of the aggregator of decentralized exchanges which will have only the routing functionality. The aggregator will offer the user the most profitable exchange path, displaying diagrams with all pairs only on one exchange — U-DEX.

⚡️U-Staking is a page for staking cryptocurrencies and tokens. At the first stage, only GLIZE staking will be available. Staking of other crypto assets will be added later.

⚡️U-Gamefi is a page that will show various “Play and Earn” games based on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain blockchains.

⚡️ U-ProfitCenter is a page where users can review all available ways of earning money on UMI OneApp.

⚡️U-Dashboard is a personal smart control panel where the user can view all necessary information regarding their assets.

⚡️U-DAO is the first version of a decentralized autonomous organization where UMI holders will have the opportunity to vote for integration of certain changes into the protocol.

⚡️U-Burn beta version will display statistics on UMI burning and have an interface for burning coins.

⚡️U-Data is an analytical dashboard in the form of dashboards and graphs for tracking general activity in the UMI OneApp ecosystem. It will also include a blockchain explorer.

⚡️U-Interface is a service for downloading and installing UMI nodes.

⚡️U-API will provide a lot of options for interacting with UMI OneApp via API.

Please keep in mind that in December only the first beta version will be released, that is, some features which you read about in UMI OneApp Manifest may not be complete yet. Nevertheless, even at this stage, it will have a wide range of options: staking, farming, providing liquidity, profitable exchange at DEX, asset management via a multi-currency wallet, and a lot more. And we will not stop there.

This will be a long journey. We must develop and integrate all the solutions described in the Manifest  — Our ultimate goal is a fully developed app.

Thank you again for supporting us in the voting. 🤝Lots of love, UMI Team! 💚