Cryptocurrency UMI is 9 months old!

Dear friends, time is running incredibly fast, and today our UMI cryptocurrency is already 9 months old. Congratulations! 🥳

We continue to actively develop and achieve amazing results. Let’s see together what we have achieved so far.

🏅 The UMI network has already registered about 120,000 addresses and about 100,000 addresses in staking structures. Let us remind you that a month ago their number was 97,000 and 76,000, respectively. For each position, we added almost 25% – an excellent result. The total number of addresses at the moment is over 220,000.

🏅The total number of transactions in the UMI network is about 4,000,000, and the total number of blocks is close to 1,700,000.

🏅 The liquidity of UMI is still increasing, which means that the cryptocurrency is getting even stronger than before. Now the order book for buying UMI on is over $ 19,000,000, which is 1.5 times more than the amount a month earlier. At the same time, the total amount of offers to buy a coin on a p2p platform is about $ 1,900,000. Accordingly, the total liquidity of UMI has already exceeded $ 21,000,000. Recall that you can independently track the coin liquidity at

🏅Total trading volume for 24 hours on the exchange and p2p platform varies in the range of $ 600,000- $ 800,000. The demand for the coin, as before, is characterized by high stability, and this suggests that people really need UMI. You can track the trading volume yourself by following the link

🏅The total number of existing UMI coins is over 68,000,000, of which almost 62,000,000 are in staking. Thus, there are only 6,000,000 coins in free circulation, or less than 9%.

🏅UMI is currently trading at $ 1.40- $ 1.60 per coin. Like the price of other cryptocurrencies, the price of UMI is subject to fluctuations depending on the general trend in the crypto market, and this is absolutely normal. The main thing is that the coin is in demand, which means that there is no doubt about its further development! 💯

UMI is a unique cryptocurrency, and we have been convinced of this for 9 months already. Every day more and more people around the world learn about our coin, and this, of course, contributes to its further development.

Once again, we thank everyone for the powerful support that you provide to our cryptocurrency, and it does you justice – including allowing you to multiply coins in staking already at 31% per month. UMI and its users are a unique tandem working for the benefit of each other. And it is this close-knit alliance that will lead us to colossal achievements! 🙌

Yours sincerely, UMI team! 🤝