11 Months of Success!

11 months ago to the day, on June 1, 2020, the world welcomed creation of UMI cryptocurrency. It seems like it was just a little while ago, but it’s almost been a year.

We continue to develop, while UMI community continues to grow. We suggest that you have a look at the numbers to see what we all have achieved over this time. 

🏅 UMI network has registered nearly 220,000 addresses and additional 175,000 addresses have been registered within staking structures. So the network now comprises nearly 400,000 addresses. Our cryptocurrency is in high demand for both transfers and staking. 

🏅 UMI network has already processes over 6 mln transactions, with 2,535,000 blocks created. Both indicators have doubled over the last three months! 

🏅 The number of UMI coins has exceeded 130,000,000 with over 115,000,000 coins (88.4%) used for staking that now earns 32% a month. 

🏅 UMI price has exceeded $2.20 which is twice as much as at the beginning. The price changes depending on supply and demand, but so far we’ve only seen the price steadily grow which proves increased demand for the coin once again. 

🏅 At the same, UMI buys offers now total $22 mln while sell offers only amount to $600,000. As a reminder, you can track coin liquidity in real time at https://umi.top/ru/liquidity (the algorithm has been improved and does not include questionable offers from SIGEN.pro P2P platform now). 

🏅 Daily volume of UMI trading floats around $3,000,000 — https://umi.top/ru/volumes. This indicator has been sustainably growing over the entire period of cryptocurrency evolution. 

All the numbers mentioned above are gradually growing, day by day. We’re proud to see that we have created a cryptocurrency the community really needs. At the same time, we don’t stop, we continue to move forward, with UMI community grows stronger by the minute. 

Let’s celebrate all our achievements, but remember that it’s just a start. UMI cryptocurrency is capable of conquering the entire world, and our cryptocommunity stands a good chance of achieving this. 🤝

In a month, we’ll have existed for a whole year. A year of sustainable and successful work! 🚀

Sincerely yours, UMI Team! 🙌